Attention: Owners/Managers Of Buildings With Flat Top Roofs
Attention: Building Owners/Managers
DO NOT REPLACE YOUR ROOF! may be able to save tens of thousands of dollars...
Learn more below...
"Stop The Cycle of Patching... 
Repairing... And Replacing Your Roof —
"Stop The Cycle Of Patching... Repairing... And Replacing Your Roof —
And Permanently Seal It  For 50 Years!"
No Replacement Required.
or learn more below...
Introducing: A Smarter Flat Roof Solution...
The 50-Year "EverSeal Roof System"
Watch Below To Learn How EverSeal Is:

1. GUARANTEED For 50 Years ... 

2. Makes Your Roof Work Like New Again (No Replacement Necessary) ... 

3. Costs 40-50% Less Than A Re-Roof ... 

4. Is 100% Leak-Proof And 100% Tax Deductible ...

  Click the video below to watch now...
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Watch This Short Video To Learn How EverSeal Is:

1.  GUARANTEED For 50 Years ...

2.  Makes Your Roof Work Like New Again (No Replacement Necessary) ...

3.  Costs 40-50% Less Than A Re-Roof ...

4.  Is 100% Leak-Proof And 100% Tax Deductible ...

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You'll receive a full and detailed report showing your exact cost and savings using the EverSeal System plus a complimentary sample. After that, the decision is yours and there's absolutely no pressure.
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From the desk of Mason Milliken, President of EverSeal Roofing
"Why Roof Replacement Is History..."

Dear Colleague,

If you have a flat roof and it’s old ... leaking ... or giving you any kind of trouble whatsoever, then please read below to discover:
  1.  A smarter roofing solution that permanently seals and fixes flat top roofs ... no replacement necessary.

  2.  How you can immediately save 40-50% plus tens of thousands of dollars in the future ...

  3.  How to get a 50-Year Warranty on your roof (backed by our Fortune 500 Manufacturer and fully transferable to the next building owner)
What you’ll discover below is...
...the very same solution used by NASA, Target, Costco, Pinnacle Bank, Omaha Public Schools and many other organizations to permanently seal their roofs and protect their buildings for good.
What you’ll discover below is... 
...the very same solution used by NASA, Target, Costco, Pinnacle Bank, Omaha Public Schools and many other organizations to permanently seal their roofs and protect their buildings ... for good!
What EverSeal offers is a unique, liquid-applied roof membrane.  It's the “50-Year EverSeal Roof System” ...
It's smarter because it utilizes your existing rooftop transforming it into a brand new, 100% watertight & weatherproof roof guaranteed for 50 years...
But what makes it so different lies in one very important fact...
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It's Made From One Of The Most Weather-Resistant Minerals On Earth
It's Made From One Of The Most 
Weather-Resistant Minerals On Earth
Because of this, you get three distinct advantages:
1.  The core component of the EverSeal System (crystalline silica) never degrades, breaks down or deteriorates... which means your roof keeps working and lasts pretty much forever... 

2.  The system’s molecular structure is formulated in such a way that water molecules are too large to enter. They simply slip off. 
3.  The EverSeal system is 100% seamless and stays permanently watertight even in harsh weather conditions... making it virtually impossible for water to leak into your building.

Even if water sits / ponds on your flat roof for long periods of time.  No problem.  The EverSeal System is guaranteed against it!

These are among the many reasons why EverSeal is a smarter, more suitable solution for buildings with flat top roofs.

Additionally, the EverSeal System offers these Important Financial Benefits:
Additionally, the EverSeal system 
offers these Important Financial Benefits:
  • The entire project is commonly 40-50% less than a reroof.  Because we “up-cycle” your existing roof membrane, you save thousands in labor, demolition, and disposal fees.
  •  There’s no demolition. So there’s no interruption to your normal day to day activities. Our certified technicians quietly apply the EverSeal system while you continue business as usual.  No need to shut down or lose out on valuable tenants or business.
  •  An EverSeal project is 100% tax deductible. You can write off the entire project this year if you’d like.
  •  The EverSeal system is energy star rated and can lower your energy bills by up to 35%.
All said and done the EverSeal system saves you tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousand of dollars.  In many cases, the system has paid for itself before our crew has even climbed down the ladder!
Your free quote will include a valuable ROI analysis revealing your projected energy savings, tax savings, and future roof savings over the next 10, 20, 50 years!
The Ultimate Solution For Buildings With Flat Top Roofs
With over 75 years of combined roofing experience, we‘ve had the opportunity to test and examine just about every flat roof system you can imagine...

...and we still haven’t found another solution that is so simple yet so effective and lasts so long ... and saves you so much money!
Even if you don’t plan on owning your building for the next 50 years, the EverSeal system will still save you thousands in the short term.  
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Why NOT permanently seal your roof and 
forget about it for good?
Why keep repairing or ever replace your roof again? 

Why NOT save your time and your money and cross roofing off your to-do list forever?
Whether you’re interested in the 50-yr warranty or in saving thousands of dollars ... Whether you want a small repair or the entire EverSeal system ... Even if you’re just plain curious and want additional information ... 
Contact EverSeal today by calling (402) 819-1187 
We can answer your questions, perform a free roof assessment, and even write you a quote on the spot (including the detailed ROI analysis).

If you don’t have time to call right now, simply fill in the form below
If you act now, we'll also bring you a free sample of our 50-yr sealant so you can see just how durable, flexible, and watertight it really is.

Simply call (402) 819-1187 or fill in your information below.

Our roofing specialists are standing by and ready to help.  We can visit your property and assess your situation completely free of charge.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Mason Milliken,
President EverSeal Roofing
c: (402) 660-3560

P.S. If you're anything like me, and you scroll straight to the bottom of the page ... here's the quick version ...

SUMMARY:  In most cases, your roof can last 50 more years.  You don't need to rip it out or replace it.  We can permanently seal it for 50% less.  You'll receive a 50-Year Warranty.  The entire project is 100% tax deductible.

Why not get a free quote today?  Call (402) 819-1187 or fill in your info below...
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You'll receive a full and detailed report showing your exact cost and savings using the EverSeal System plus a complimentary sample. After that, the decision is yours and there's absolutely no pressure.
“We’ve had leak issues for 14 years and we tried all kinds of different things on our roof including two different roofers that were unsuccessful.

It became a real annoyance. But when EverSeal did their application, it stopped the leak. And it still hasn’t leaked since.

Amazing product that works very well, was fast and timely and gave real results. And the warranty was a much better warranty than what the others were giving. It’s a shame we didn’t meet EverSeal 14 years ago.”

- Kevin Roach, River Hills Church
“We hired EverSeal initially to repair the flat roof we have that had started to leak. They did a great job! Very easy to work with and they always did a great job communicating with us.

Shortly after that, a totally separate roof began to leak. It has leaked on and off for years and we've had other companies "fix" it but nothing seemed to actually fix it... it would eventually leak again.

We asked EverSeal to come back out and take a look at this roof and it seems like they have finally fixed the impossible leak!!!! Very easy to work with and an excellent communication.”

- Ted Paasch
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